About us

Scholarly Activities

The CSP is a not-for-profit academic organisation. Funders and agencies are invited to partner with the society to implement her programmes. For funding or partnership inquiry, please email us at admin@cspafrica.org

Distinguished Academic Lecture Series (DALS)

Members of Conversational School of Philosophy meet once every year for a distinguished lecture to be presented by a scholar who has attained distinction in the field of African philosophy. Normally a lecture is given by a duly “elected” member or invited scholar followed by a session called professional conversations by members who had all read the paper in advance. Also, scholars in other disciplines in African studies who have distinguished themselves may be elected to give the DALS. DALS is a lecture series reserved for those who have produced original ideas in the broad field of African studies or those who have made significant accomplishment in an African society through creative genius.

Emerging Ideas in Conversational Philosophy Conference (EICC):

Once every two years, usually during the last quarter of each year, the CSP will organize an open congress where the members, intending members and other scholars converge in a scholarly conference tagged to present papers on new research and ideas that have emerged in Conversational Philosophy and its method Conversational Thinking. The papers presented in the conference are reviewed and published thereafter as the proceeding of the biennial meeting. Sponsors and collaborators are especially solicited.

Monthly Scholarly Gathering (MSG)

The MSG is another academic activity of the Conversational School of Philosophy. This provides a forum once every month for members to converge and listen to a presentation by a member or discuss a specifically chosen theme. Each member is allowed time to read out a five-hundred-word submission at the end of which a moderated conversation will ensue amongst members on each other’s thoughts. This is mainly a platform to examine social institutions. The discussions from the MSGs are gathered and published as the bulletin of The CSP once every six months

Africa’s Intellectual History Day (AIHD)

AIHD is a regular event that marks special days in Africa’s intellectual history. Such important days like Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Marley, W.E. Du Bios, Malcom X, 21 March – Human Rights Day, 27 April – Freedom day, 21 October – Africa Human Rights Day, World Philosophy Day was proclaimed by UNESCO to be celebrated every 3rd Thursday of November. It was first celebrated on 21 November 2002, 24 September – Heritage Day, 05 June – World Environment Day, 16 June – Youth Day, 09 August – Women’s Day etc. The celebration of this days will focus on African personalities and on Africa’s contributions to civilization.

Reading Meetings

The CSP also organizes reading and discussion meetings for its members. This event aimed at keeping members updated with new ideas and knowledge is hosted and moderated on the society’s social media platform. The format is that a reading material is shared at the beginning of the week and discussed at the end of the same week.