Nelson Amaobi OSUALA is a diehard passionate Intellectual who had his early career foundation in sciences and engineering respectively,  but later took a bent when he became attracted to, enmeshed in and then addicted to the discipline of Philosophy. After having obtained a Diploma in electrical/electronics engineering, He choose to abandon this certificate to pursue what for him is a “Higher Calling” in the Humanities, with particular focus in Philosophy. For him, Philosophy is a Problem solving tool to all of  our existential cravings, sensible and suprasensible.

It is often on the foregoing premise that he would often affirm: “Philosophy is the second best thing that happened to me after my encounter with the Absolute Zero (God) in 1997.”

His research areas include African Philosophy, Logic, Philosophy of Science and post colonial studies and decoloniality. Nelson A. Osuala, has a holy hatred for intellectual hegemony and servitude as well as all those pitiable uncritical appeal to authority through praise singing of most of those self acclaimed Intellectual Eggheads. Osuala preaches intellectual humility and the need for well reasoned intellectual fisticuffs where there’s neither a Victor not the Vanguished but rather a Global Expansion of Thought, one which allows new vistas of knowledge as well as the blossoming of enriched unadulterated intellectual flowers. It is for this reason that he resolved to apply the Philosophical methods of Conversationalism and Complementarity amongst others in resolving this global tension that has eaten deep into the fabrics of humankind.

Osuala, has written a handful of publications, as well as other, Religious and academic research works. He has also to his credit, a few book chapters on and around african Philosophy, environmental ethics, logic and post colonial decoloniality most of which are already in their final stage of publication.

Currently, he is an affiliate Postgraduate researcher of the Nigerian premier University, The University of Ibadan. He lives in Lagos Nigeria from where he engages the intellectual space of the academia around the world with his well reasoned essays and criticisms.


African Philosophy, Logic And Foundations Of Mathematics,  Science, environmental ethics and post colonial cultural Studies/decoloniality.