MadukaEnyimba Ph.D is a first class graduate of Philosophy and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar. He holds a Post- Graduate Diploma in education from Usman Danfodio University Sokoto, a Master’s degree in Socio- Political Thought and a Doctorate Degree in Epistemology. He has won several awards, including the “Rev. Dr. Camilius Etukudo’s Prize” for the best graduating student of philosophy in 2003. Histeaching and research interests include; Epistemology, African Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Education, Development Studies, Philosophy of Literature and Philosophical Anthropology.He has presented papers in national and international conferences, authored books and numerous articles in these areas. Some of his publications have appeared in journals such as, Filosofia Theoretica, African Symposium, etc.

Maduka Enyimba is a member of Conversational School of Philosophy (CSP) and a Fellow of the Society for Research and Academic Excellence (FSR). He employs the methods and principles of conversational Philosophy to address issues bordering on skepticism in African (Epistemology) Philosophy.As a conversationalist, he interrogates and engages with other scholars on the idea of sustainability, inclusiveness and development across boarder. Some of the results of these engagements form part of his recent publications. He is aimed at developing an epistemological system that is founded on the basic principles of conversational philosophy.Presently, he is working on two projects; (1) The conversational idea of “Creative Struggle” and Conflict Management in Sub Saharan Africa (2) A theory of Philosophical anthropology that grounds humanness in African place through the methodology of conversationalism.

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