Isaiah Aduojo NegeduB.Phil; M.A; Ph.D; P.G.D.E; LL.B; B.L.

Isaiah lectures in the Department of Philosophy, Federal University Lafia. He is also a Post-Doctoral fellow in the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, University of Kwazulu-Natal. His research sub-disciplines cut across; African Philosophy (with special interest in Race Philosophy and the African Predicament), Social/Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law and Epistemology.

Some of his publications include; “Scientific Progress and Postmodern Culture: the African Experience”; “The Question of African Philosophy and the Antithesis of Democracy” both in Filosofia TheoreticaJournal of African Philosophy, Culture and Religions; “Deconstructing African History from Western Historicism” in Alternation; The Igala Traditional Religious Belief System in Ogirisi: A New Journal of African Studies. He is also the author of “The African Predicament” in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. He sees a blend of conversational thinking and Afropolitan discourse as ideologies for racial relations