Chukwueloka S. UDUAGWU, is a doctoral candidate researching in intercultural philosophy at University of Calabar, Nigeria. He holds B.A in Philosophy from Imo State University, Owerri and M.A in Philosophy from University of Calabar respectively both in Nigeria. His major research interest include: Philosophy of Language, African Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Intercultural Philosophy. He has authored some articles and presented papers in these areas in many academic fora within Nigeria and abroad.  He is a foundational member of the Conversational School of Philosophy (CSP). Chukwueloka sees himself as a “Conversationalist” he approaches, interrogates and converses with works and authors in other Philosophical Tradition from the ambience of African Philosophy as conceived by the CSP. He is also a member of academic bodies such as; the Nigerian Philosophical Association (NPA), International Society for African philosophy and Studies (ISAPS), Society for Research and Academic Excellence (SRAE).


ORCID No 0000-0003-4993-9214


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Conversational Philosophy is a philosophical method developed from African place, by an African philosopher and inspired from an African culture. It is a philosophical method that seeks to present African philosophy with an African inspired methodology different from other philosophical traditions. It is a rigorous and critical method from an African place that promotes originality, creativity or creation of ideas or concepts in order to sustain critical and creative conversation in African philosophy. This method promotes liveliness and creative power among its intellectual participants. This method helps to demarcate between African philosophy and other philosophies. I have applied this method to interrogate some African scholars like Uchenna Ogbonnaya on his view on ontology criterion for African philosophy, Christian Emedolu on his idea of African science, Mesembe Edet on his position on conceptual Mandelanization.  Currently am working on the language question in African philosophy where I apply the method of conversational thinking as a viable option to address the language problem in African philosophy. Similarly, am applying conversational thinking as a viable method to discover an African epistemology. Finally, my application of conversational thinking as transcultural philosophy and studies is still work in progress.