Fainos Mangena, PhD, is a Full Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at the University of Zimbabwe’s Department of Religious Studies, Classics and Philosophy. He is also currently a member of the University of Zimbabwe council. He has taught ethics at the University of Zimbabwe for 14 years and has supervised more than 30 students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Professor Mangena is an author five (5) books, namely:

  • Philosophy, Race and Multiculturalism in Southern Africa: Zimbabwean Philosophical Studies III (Co-edited with John D McClymont)Washington, DC: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, pp. 1-316 (2018)
  • The Death Penalty from an African Perspective: Views from Zimbabwean and Nigerian Philosophers (Co-edited with Jonathan O Chimakonam). Delaware, USA: Vernon Press, pp. 1-251 (2018)
  • Sounds of Life: Music, Identity and Politics in Zimbabwe (Co-edited with Ezra Chitando and Itai Muwati). New Castle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 1-294 (2016)
  • Philosophy in African Traditions and Cultures: Zimbabwean Philosophical Studies II (Co-edited with Tarisayi A Chimuka and Francis Mabiri). Washington, DC: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, pp. 1-191 (2015)
  • On Ubuntu and Retributive Punishment in Korekore-Nyombwe CultureEmerging Ethical Perspectives. Harare: Best Practices Books, pp.1-107 (2012)

He has 21 Book Chapters and more than 40 Journal articles. His areas of research interest include: Ethics and Professionalism, Work Ethics, Cultural Ethics, Developmental Ethics, Ethics and Gender, Ethics and Medicine, Ethics and the Media, Ethics and Business, Ethics and the Environment. Professor Mangena is a winner of the prestigious African Humanities Programme (AHP) Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (2010) funded by the Carnegie Corporation and administered by the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS). He is currently the President of the Philosophical Society of Zimbabwe (PSZ), and a member of the Conversational School of Philosophy (CSP) as well as the Afro-Asia Inclusive Development Association. Professor Mangena is currently studying towards a Law Degree with the University of South Africa.